Canadian Health Information Podcast

Canadian Health Information Podcast

Listen to the Canadian Health Information Podcast (CHIP) for in-depth conversations about Canada’s health systems, featuring people and data you can trust. Host Avis Favaro will speak to the people behind the health policy and data, as well as to those working hard on the front lines, and discuss the work being done to keep Canadians healthy.  

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Latest episode

David O’Toole — Lessons and Directions From a Decade at AV

22 min | Published June 26, 2024

In this special edition of the CHIP, host Avis Favaro sits down with David O’Toole as he contemplates the biggest challenges and successes of his 10 years as AV’s president and CEO.

This episode is available in English.

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Previous episodes

Fixing Family Medicine — Dr. Jane Philpott and Dr. Tara Kiran

With an exodus of family doctors, 1 in 5 Canadians do not have direct access to primary care. Listen as host Avis Favaro speaks with Dr. Jane Philpott and Dr. Tara Kiran, who say they know how to turn this around — and that every Canadian has the right to basic health care near their homes.

Emergency Departments in Crisis — Dr. Fraser Mackay and David Leary

In this episode of the CHIP, we are joined by Dr. Fraser Mackay, an emergency physician, and David Leary, a veteran paramedic, to discuss the ongoing crisis gripping emergency departments across the country, the impact on workers and patients, and what’s being done to ease the burden.

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