Our collaborative partnerships and relationships help improve access to and use of health data and information across the country, and beyond our borders. We work with a broad range of Canadian health organizations and agencies to leverage complementary strengths, skills and networks.

Our strategic partnerships ensure that the policies and decisions that influence health in this country are based on accurate, comparable and unbiased information. They also help us avoid duplication of effort and cost, while ensuring value for Canadians.

We work with other pan-Canadian health organizations (PCHOs)Referencei (e.g., Canada Health Infoway, Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health), as well as with other partners, including

AV’s private/not-for-profit partnership framework

As we carry out our mandate, we sometimes work with organizations outside our traditional partners and stakeholders, both in the private and not-for-profit sectors. We have developed a framework to help assess collaboration opportunities with these entities. The Partnership Framework at a Glance provides an overview.


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The PCHOs are self-governing, not-for-profit agencies with representation from governments, experts and stakeholders. They were created over the past 3 decades to respond to specific Canadian health system needs and to advance federal and national objectives for health care.

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