The Ultimate Guide To Hammers

There are several tools that every homeowner should have in order to perform basic maintenance tasks in and around their home. However, none of these tools are as important or useful as a hammer.

With a hammer, any homeowner can perform a wide variety of tasks, including:

·    Hanging Pictures

·    Repairing Furniture

·    Installing Fixtures

·    Loosening Rusted Knobs

·    Removing Nails

·    Turning Screws

·    Demolishing Objects

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·    Metal Work

But, to get the most out of this versatile tool, you must choose the right type of hammer for the job. Check out this ultimate guide to hammers to learn which hammer is suitable for a particular task.

Face Hammer – Great for driving nails

This hammer features a head made of forged steel that is very malleable and can easily be reshaped. This screwdriver-like quality allows you to fit the head into tight spaces to tighten or loosen screws.

These two qualities make the soft face hammer a fantastic tool for hanging pictures and repairing furniture.

Hammer – Useful for shaping metals

The ball-peen hammer has a flat, rectangular head that is used for striking metal. Because of its weight distribution and sturdy handle, this type of hammer works best when driving chisels or stakes into another material.

Because of its shape, this hammer is less effective as a tool for hanging pictures or repairing furniture.

– Powerful enough to break through walls

These mighty hammers are often used by a handyman near me in st petersburg, fl as a way of demolishing things to make way for new construction.

Its sheer size and weight make the sledgehammer the ideal tool for smashing through concrete walls, breaking up stones, and removing tree stumps. This giant hammer can also be used to anchor heavy objects like boulders and logs into the ground.