6 Splurge Home Decor items Worth the Money

Wondering what luxury goods are worth the extra cash during your home remodel and improvement? While outfitting the entire home with luxury goods may not be possible, many people do set aside some cash for a few luxury picks that can make a big impact. Take a look at our list of six most recommended home decor splurge items worthy of your investment.

1- Flooring

luxury door handles

Low-end flooring serves its purpose but lacks the same dazzle that luxury flooring offers. In many cases, luxury flooring doesn’t cost a great amount more than traditional flooring, although tons of added options are available.

2- Entrance Door

The entrance door is the focal point for the home, giving neighbors, friends and family, and people passing by an impression of your family. A simple upgraded entrance food can add luxe and appeal to any property.

3- Door Handles

Don’t forget to add luxury door handles to the new entrance door. If you opt against replacing the door, be sure to replace the handles instead. They’re a small splurge and create a fantastic look for your home.

4- Heated Towel Rack

When winter rolls around, heated towels will make you feel like a king or queen and help add comfort to the shower on a cold day. The heated towel rack options are affordable, easy to install, and absolutely worth the splurge.

5- Lighting

Lighting changes the entire dynamics of a home. It works wonderfully inside and outside of the home, giving the property character and style. There are many lighting options; choose a luxury option and get more enjoyment than imaginable.

6- Hardware

For many remodelers, new hardware minimized the number of replacements needed, saving money and time. High-end hardware brings style to any room. Many people replace hardware in the kitchen and bathroom fixtures.